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A new method for monitoring of respiratory and heart function

Based on optical measurement of blood flow in the sternum bone, respiratory and heart function can be monitored with very high precision

Through a small wireless sensor applied on the patient's chest, RespiHeart registers:

  • Respiratory rate

  • Heart rate

  • Oxygen saturation




India patent granted


RespiHeart goes to India


AI to enable new RespiHeart parameters


New article: study of RespiHeart oxygen saturation

  • RespiHeart method is based on measurement of the blood flow in the sternum bone

  • Bone tissue is characterized by relatively rigid blood vessels, which facilitates detection of blood flow variations

  • The internal thoracic arteries have branches to both the intercostal muscles and the sternum

  • The blood flow is modulated by pressure variations in the thoracic cavity, during inspiration and expiration, and by pulsatile activity of the heart



The RespiHeart method uses a small optical sensor applied on the patient’s chest. It is intended to be combined or integrated with different medical devices and clinical systems, e.g.:

  • Patient monitoring systems

  • Emergency care solutions

  • Homecare equipment

  • Patient self-check

RespiHeart is not a fixed product. It is method to be used for different solutions that could address specific needs across the healthcare chain


Integrated wireless sensor

Disposable sensor patch


  • RespiHeart relies upon more than 25 years of scientific research and technical development

  • A long range of studies have explored and verified the method as well as clinical application

  • Ongoing projects are focused on new respiratory parameters and blood pressure mesurement opportunities

  • RespiHeart method is subject to granted international patents



  • RespiHeart related studies have been subject for scientific publications since 2005

  • Different research teams have been involved in different development phases; from early studies of bone tissue measurement, to recent verification studies of RespiHeart compared to standard methods

  • Selected articles available to download here


Research based medical technology company, established 2015, in Linköping, Sweden. Founded by Lars-Göran Lindberg and Per Trossmark 

With focus on development and applications of the RespiHeart method, deep optical measurement and analysis of blood flow in the sternum bone, the company offers IP and technical platform for medical devices and clinical systems.

The team involves 10 individuals representing different areas of expertise: clinical, biomedical engineering, systems and communication technology, business, IP and regulatory.



Per Trossmark

+46 704 135643


Technical Director

Lars-Göran Lindberg

+46 704 027874



Mjärdevi Center, Linköping

Adress: Teknikringen 10, 583 30 Linköping, Sweden

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